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Outdooractive Regio Plus 

With the Outdooractive Regio Plus we provide you with a self-contained portal which can be used to inform your guests of your region’s tourism infrastructure.

This system runs in parallel with your website and can be individually configured. You determine the content, modules and appearance of the portal.

We create the basic framework for you – you then populate and maintain the page yourself. Thanks to the intuitive Outdooractive Destination Management System (DMS), you are able edit your outdoor portal’s content and pages to suit you.

Continued, centralized development of the software means you are always current – without the need for any additional effort and a relaunch.

Your own website using the kit-principle

Thanks to the intuitive modular system, you can arrange your content into a professional and easy-to-use website in just a few steps. Write short, catchy texts and combine them with engaging imagery, videos and snippets that link to your best content.

In the Outdooractive DMS you can choose different display modes. Simply click on “content“ in the menu and “add widget“ to select the desired option (text, image, video or snippet).

Adding pictures and videos

Visual elements complement written text and our technology offers you a variety of creative options to really place your content in the spotlight.

Large-format images can be integrated above or below the text,...
Photo: Hartmut Wimmer, Outdooractive Editors
...small-format pictures to the right of the text.
...small-format pictures to the right of the text.
Photo: Hartmut Wimmer, Outdooractive Editors

Images can be added to your website in a number of ways: larger format shown above or below the text or smaller images to the right of the text.

To ensure that images look good even on large monitors and high-resolution displays, we recommend a width of at least 2000 px for our portals.

The image’s title, caption and copyright are redorded in the DMS and displayed in the frontend directly below the picture itself.

Video implementation via YouTube
Video: Outdooractive

Short video clips make a significant contribution when it comes to illustrating your destination. To be able to play a video on your website, it must be first uploaded to YouTube. You can then link it to the corresponding content in the Outdooractive platform or place it directly on your homepage.

Snippets for displaying multiple content types

Snippets provide a simple and vivid link to all the different types of content on the Outdooractive platform. The different ways of presenting them ensure that you can display your best routes, excursions, events, etc. in an effective way:

Standard Snippets

Depending on the number of combined elements the appearance of the snippets changes automatically. A single element is drawn across the entire width while two elements appear centered and in pairs. At three elements, the single snippet shrinks to accommodate more content.

Lake · Bregenzerwald
Leckner See

Kleiner Alpensee am Südhang der Nagelflugkette im Bregenzer Wald

from Svenja Rödig,   Outdooractive Editors

Berggasthof mit Übernachtungsmöglichkeit oberhalb von Oberstaufen/Steibis

from Nadine Greiter,   Outdooractive Editors
Mountain Restaurant · Bregenzerwald
Berggasthaus Hochhäderich

Alpengasthof in der Nagelfluhkette mit herrlicher Aussicht über den Bregenzerwald und in die ...

from Gerhard Parzinger,   Outdooractive Editors
Serviced Hut · Allgaeu Alps
Elevation: 1,176 m

Der Berggasthof Oberstiegalpe liegt auf 1179 m Höhe unterhalb der Nagelfluhkette in der Nähe vom Hochgrat.

from Jörg Hillmer,   Outdooractive Editors
Mountain Restaurant · Allgäu
Berggasthof Falkenhütte

Die Falkenhütte ist ein ganzjährig bewirtschafteter Berggasthof auf 1550 m Höhe unterhalb des ...

from Jörg Hillmer,   Outdooractive Editors

Listed Snippets

Listed snippets are a great way to display many elements in a small space. You can decide if you want to place your content in one, two or three centered columns. To do this, simply create up to three listed snippets one below the other on the DMS.


Sliders provide a clear display of many elements and help to encourage browsing. Choose from different sizes and add as much content as you wish. These can all be reached in the frontend by clicking on the arrow keys.

Basic Slider Small

Single Slider

Square Grid and Teaser Snippets

Would you like to present multiple content in one go? Then grids and teaser snippets are the method of choice. Depending on the option selected, two to four elements fit in one line. Other contents are displayed in the same format below and are not hidden as in the case of the slider.

Teaser Snippet Medium

Von Steibis auf den Eineguntkopf

Der Eineguntkopf (auch Rohnehöhe genannt) ist 1639 m hoch und eignet sich hervorragend als Einsteigerberg, oder, um in die Tourensaison zu starten.

Auf Skiern den Seelekopf hinauf

Durch den Schnee geht es auf dieser Rundtour hinauf auf über 1600 m Höhe und anschließend auf den Skiern rasant zurück zur Talstation der Hochgratbahn in Oberstaufen.

Von Steibis auf den Eineguntkopf

Der Eineguntkopf (auch Rohnehöhe genannt) ist 1639 m hoch. Er eignet sich hervorragend als Einsteigerberg und zum Start in die Tourensaison.